Where Baseball is TONS of Fun!

Building a baseball club as passionate
as the people of Abilene

The Flying Bison team is as much yours as it is ours

When we were thinking about where to make our new home, we figured there was no better place than West Texas. Where the people are hardworking, welcoming, and spirited – exactly what we plan for the Flying Bison to be.

 We want to build something fun, something amazing, something special. We want to create an experience that we, as fans, would love and tell our friends about. And we can’t do that without you.

The Flying Bison team landed in Abilene to build a team that takes the tradition and nostalgia we love about baseball and combines it with the fun and excitement only a summer league can provide. Each game will be one of a kind, offering a unique and exciting experience for any age. And don’t forget about the amazing game play led by our talented leader, Coach Cam.

This Summer 2024, we’re taking off on our inaugural season. Join us on our journey to take baseball in Abilene to a whole new altitude. Fly Bison Fly.